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29 Apr

Location: Anonymous Breakfast Stall, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

This is malaysian style pancake

as known as “lempeng”

it is made from flour,grated coconut and salt.

nice to be eaten with curry or sugar.

how I missed my mom when I eating this



15 Apr

Location : Mama One Stop Bakery, Paroi, Negeri Sembilan

This is traditional malay cakes and it is called “kuih bakar”

It is sweet and made from flour,pandan leaves, sugar and coconut milk.

How I like this so much 🙂


13 Apr

Location: Restoran Kapitan, Bandar PERDA, Penang

Claypot Beryani Rice

Awesome beryani with tandoori chicken

Interesting part when it is served in a claypot

It also comes with gravy (curry) and yoghurt



13 Apr

Location: Night Bazaar, Jalan Reko, Kajang

at here, you can find a pick up truck with sign “stimbot bulan bintang”

I found this with a recommendation from blogger and my sister

even the variety not much as steamboat resataurant

but it is nice for supper or midnight snack

The gravy is quite tasty. In my plate is a meatball, tofu skin, fishcake & fishball.


11 Apr

Location: Salak Tinggi Station, ERL,(KLIA-KL SENTRAL)

This is my first ride with ERL

It is so fast. Salak Tinggi-Putrajaya takes only 10-15 minutes

but this station located at remote area.

I believe it will be quite scary if we have to wait here at night



11 Apr

Location: Somewhere above the air, PEN-KUL

I’ts been a while

I’t is so nice to be home.

even it is only  for 3 days and  3 nights 🙂


2 Apr

Location: Supremo Donuts & Coffee, Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

This small coffee shop, yet the drinks & food quite marvellous

Yeah, I’m talking about a small scale coffee shop, don’t ever compared it with Starbucks/ Coffee Bean

I’ve tried a variations of their coffee here,- Jamaican Blue Mountain, Supremo Coffee, Ice Latte and Cappuccino Caramel (Picture above)

what I can say, all of them are awesome., especially the Cappuccino Caramel.

One more thing, this place have a homemade scones (picture below)

I fall in love with scones after ate it at Cameron Highland last year.

The Scones was quite nice, but they did not serve it with jam/cream.

Currently, this place has became my favorite hangout place

and I  can save a few ringgit for government tax 🙂